Timetable for Competition:


The Second International Piano Festival, organized by the International Music School “Cenacolo della Musica – S. Irene” in Collaboration with the Music School “Città di San Giovanni Teatino” and European Foundation for Support of Culture is to be held in the city of San Giovanni Teatino, Abruzzo region from on 16 – 19th of August 2015.

  1. The Competition is open to every pianist with a professional level of performance of any nationality. It consists of three age categories:
  • Children category (under 12 years)
  • Junior category (under 17 years)
  • Senior category (under 35 years)
  1. Candidates will be informed whether they have been accepted or not by not later than 15th of July 2015.
  2. Participation fee is 100 euro.
  3. In order to apply one is required to provide us with the following documents:
  • Application form completed on the Website;
  • Short biographical note of the Applicant (not more than 500 characters with spaces);
  • Photocopy of an official document confirming the Applicant’s date of birth;
  1. Applicants who have participated in the Malta International Music Festival & Competition master classes are directly accepted for the Piano Competition.
  2. The number of participants is limited.
  3. Meals, travel and visa expenses are NOT included. Accommodation is included in the fee of the master-class and concert fees. Accommodation for the Competition participants only and any additional nights are at an extra charge.
  4. Arrival date for the whole period of the festival is 9th of August and for Competition only – 14th of August.
  5. Departure date 19th of August.
  6. The organizers will provide a Competition participant with the conditions to test-play the pianos.
  7. For organization and program related reasons the Competition organizers retain the right to change the sequence of a day’s performances. In the event of a contestant’s illness, confirmed by the Competition’s medical service, the contestant may be permitted to perform outside the established sequence, at the end of the current stage.
  8. All music must be performed from memory (see Competition Program).
  9. Prizes and Awards will be announced soon after the Final Round at the Closing Ceremony of the Competition.
  10. Additional prizes may be announced.
  11. All prizes listed may NOT be awarded. Ties are possible.
  12. The Jury’s decisions are final and not subject to review.
  13. All prize winners will be responsible to appear in all concert engagements arranged by the Competition Organizers including performing in the Closing Ceremony on Friday, 19th August 2015. Those who refuse to take part automatically forfeit of the prize.
  14. Competition performances will be open to the public