The closest airport to San Giovanni Teatino is Pescara International Airport (PSR). Distance from San Giovanni Teatino to Pescara International Airport is only 3 kilometers! However, you can get here from other Italian airports, namely:

Ciampino Airport(149 km)
Ancona / Falconara Airport(150 km)
Foggia / Gino Lisa Airport(155 km)
Perugia / San Egidio Airport(157 km)
NĂ¡poli / Capodichino International Airport(169 km)
Leonardo Da Vinci (Fiumicino) International Airport(174 m)
Salerno / Pontecagnano Airport(207 km)

Once you are in San Giovanni Teatino, you can easily find the Civic School of Music, where the 1st Piano Festival and Competition will be held, by following the map:

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