The Second International Piano Festival will consist of series of master classes held from 9th till 19th  of August and Piano Competition from 16th till 19th of August 2015. The concerts organized during the Festival will take place in the concert halls of the cities of Chieti, Pescara and Rome (Italy).

Participation fee: 900 €

Participation fee excl. accommodation: 650 €

Participation fee for Italian participants (excl. accommodation): 500 €

Registration fee for Competition: 100 €


Package includes:

  • Master classes
  • Participation in concerts
  • Accommodation with breakfast from 9 – 19 August 2015

Participants will be able to:

  • Attend master classes of the world class musicians
  • Improve their technical skills in performing
  • Deepen their knowledge and abilities in understanding music
  • Broaden their horizons by communicating with the international pianists
  • Improve their performing skills by participating in concerts and interacting with audience
  • Be acknowledged and recognized
  • Add value to their musician’s CV by mentioning their participation in the international music festival

Passive participation (parents, teachers): 600 €

Passive participation excl. accommodation: 200 €

Package includes:

  • Passive participation in Master classes
  • Attendance of concerts
  • Accommodation with breakfast from 9 – 19 August 2015