Welcome to the 2nd International Piano Festival in Italy!

The 2nd International Piano Festival in Italy is organized by the International Music School “Cenacolo della Musica – S. Irene” in collaboration with the Music School “Città di San Giovanni Teatino and Russian-Italian Cultural Center.

The 2nd International Piano Festival in Italy will be held in the city of San Giovanni Teatino (Abruzzo region, Italy). It will consist of the Piano master classes held from 9th till 19th of August and the Piano competition held from 16th till 19th of August 2015

Our festival is opened for both local and foreign musicians who wish to come to the ancient Italian town of San Giovanni Teatino in order to enhance their musical skills and knowledge. We are proud to present our world-acclaimed professors who will help young professionals not only with their recommendations on the technical side of piano playing, but also on the understanding of how the musical message must be delivered from the performer to the audience. This will be further strengthened by an opportunity to practice the performance during the concerts organized as part of the Festival.

Moreover, the young (and not so young) musicians will have an opportunity to show-off their musical abilities by competing with others during our Piano competition. Winning the contest or even just participation in it will add value to any musician’s CV.  


mazzoccante2As Artistic Director I am honored to present the “2nd International Piano Festival and Competition in Italy” organized by the “Cenacolo of Music” of Catignano in collaboration with the “Civic School of Music in San Giovanni Teatino” and ” Russian-Italian Cultural Center”.


Artistic director

Giuliano Mazzoccante

A major international event in Italy is attracting students from all over the world that will have the opportunity to meet and to improve and enhance their talent with renowned teachers, musicians that represent different but equally important international piano schools.
For this first year, the concerts held during the course will be held in prestigious venues of major importance, from the point of view of culture and history and of the artistic relevance. Places where have already performed world-renowned musicians such as Italian and foreign Karl Leister, Pavel Berman, Enrico Dindo, Luigi Piovano, etc.

The lessons will be held in the classrooms of the Music School of San Giovanni Teatino, which I have the honor to direct, made available to us by the Town Council. In addition, in the school is a large auditorium with excellent acoustic.
The prestigious firm of pianos by Angelo Fabbrini collection, will ensure the absolute quality of musical instruments, and in addition to the grand pianos, on which the teachers do the master-classes, there will be several pianos available to students who can study throughout the day.

This area of the Abruzzo region in central Italy, is also one of the most culturally and territorially rich. The people are friendly and helpful, the location is just a few minutes from the beach and half an hour from the mountains of the Central Apennines. It is as well an ideal place to study, especially for carers, opportunities for relaxation and cultural visits to many churches, museums, Roman ruins and much more…

The “2nd International Piano Festival”, consisting of the master-classes and concerts, became possible due to the support of the “Rotary Club Pescara Ovest.” The Club, through the generosity and commitment to solidarity and culture, will give the opportunity for young musicians to meet and compete for scholarships and concerts.

The “2nd International Piano Festival and Competition” represent only the first edition of one of the highlights of the major events organized by the “Cenacolo della Musica” that over the years become a real point of reference for musicians from all over the world; different cultures that come together in the name of music.